The Button

This is my first ever serious GMOD video.

It’s a combine who tries to outsmart a button.

This has actually sparked my interest and I want to make a series of short videos.

Cl_drawhud 0 to remove HUD, set your “Friends” tab to offline to stop messages from appearing, increase sv_friction so you walk more naturally, and don’t use gm_construct.

Thanks for the tips.

The original idea of this video was to 1-up a friend who did a button video.

cl_drawhud 0 seems to remove wire screen text. Why I didn’t use it in this video.

Get yourself either the machinima hands SWEP or the Climb swep, that way your character will have empty hands and use the civilian walk/run animation, and it sounds like your sound effects and music are on the same track, I recommend putting the sounds on a track of their that way the music is uninterrupted.

try searching for Machinima on, there’s a shit load of handy tools which will help your future videos immensely. I will say that I love this tune so points for that.

You can also equip the bugbait weapon so you’ll have the civilian walk animation in third person. (give weapon_bugbait)

Huh, I didn’t know that, that’s not a bad idea either, if he doesn’t want to download more stuff, thanks for the tip man

What video editing software do you guys recommend?

All I have is WMM. We all know how shit that is. lol

Sony Vegas.

Thanks for the tips.

I decided to start a GMOD series called “Derrick.Curious”

This thread is why I like this forum :buddy: not a single derogatory post towards the OP and it’s just pure critism

And that is why we must never let the average YouTube users enter facepunch.


Definitely getting better. But i don’t really understand whats going on and what the plot is, usually in a preview you should show more, and you can’t always rely on cat-mull cameras to make your video a success. I’ll give this series a shot when it comes out.

May I ask, Are you using fraps? Its just because your video is a little jumpy.

@Captain - To be honest the video was mostly to test Sony Vegas.
The train station is part of the beginning of Episode 1.

Series will most likely be silent as I have no voice actors and I am doing this by myself.

@gt - Yes I am using FRAPS for now. I’ll use source recorder if jumpy gets too bad.

Edit: Also if anyone has any good music sources i’ll appreciate it!

Similar music to the music in my last video is what I am looking for.