The BW-45 is tested on some unfortunate folks

i don’t even know

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Nice story, but somehow the picture just doesn’t seem to fit.

Spah sappin da people.

Very cool effects, good use of the cloud filter.

Wait, why does the weapon look like Blastech DC-15?

the what?

The lightning looks too smoke-y.

Like the editing, but the posing of the arms (for the guy with the weapon) is rather sketchy. The rear arm looks oddly straight and tilts towards the camera, which doesn’t look too good, whereas the arm in the front looks like it’s cramping and it’s clipping pretty noticeably.

The rest of the posing is good, Except for Grigori’s expression and eyeposing. The Girl’s faceposing, in the other hand, is very good.

Had to rate informative (gotta check BW-45 in Wikipedia right aw :P), since the small flaws kill the “artistic” about it for me :frowning:

EDIT: OMG, you rickrolled me… gratz :stuck_out_tongue: They didn’t really make even a prototype a lightning cannon, now, did they? Could be made nowadays, though, tesla coils (would indeed be dangerous to the user tho)

Blastech DC-15, standard issue rifle for the Grand Army of the Galactic Republic.

In other words, the very long rifle from Star Wars, carried by Clone Troopers, shoots blue pew pews.

Oh and by the way, do you know a link to a tutorial for that kind of lighting/electricity?

make an image, put a white-to-black gradient on it, and invert it.

then go to levels, and slide the left one to the right until it’s just the arc you want. drag the image into your picture and set the layer it becomes to screen, and then play with the color balance of the layer until it’s the color you want it.

you can smudge the ends so it’s not like a straight edge.

(and also it’s an fg-42)

This isn’t possible with GIMP, right?

it’s possible, it will just be less intuitive.

Because 3/4s of the SW weapons were based off WWII guns :eng101: The hoth rebel blaster was based on an MP44, the 15 an MG34 or MG42, han’s pistol off a mauser broomhandle, etc

Example, stormtrooper blaster and Sterling SMG

What weapon model is that, a FG-42?

You think I didn’t know that?

I just thought that maybe the “new trilogy” weaps would be built at least 80% from scratch.


rated book

Probably because a lot of Star Wars weapons were based off of (and I think even made of) WWII weapons?

isnt that a machinegun?
or …
a laser gun from outer space from aliens other planets what?
Seriously,i think its a machinegun,cause its for swep on,
and its a machinegun.
According to the interwebz,its a machinegun.
Not a laser weapon of death.

There’s a difference between lasers and electricity so big that you could fit NY in there and it wouldn’t fill even the half of the space.

From Star Wars? Because that’s an FG42.

Zoey: Spah sappin’ mah ovaries!