The Cadian 8th is sent to war (1680x1050)

Took about 3 hours all told. C und c is appreciated.

The posing is pretty decent for the most part, but the editing, angle, and composition are piss poor.

The angle is far from great, It should be closer in,
The edited-in muzzleflashes are far too opaque and don’t look at all like what they’re meant to represent

The posing is very good and the resolution is nice, but that and the time you spent(Supposedly 4-5 hours) doesn’t make up for the overall quality, if you keep at it you’ll get better and better

Hey, practice makes perfect.

On a side note, I should stop posing at 3 in the morning. It starts off nice, but editing goes down the drain.

Your on the right track, but if this took you 3 hours to pose and edit, I’d hate to see how long it takes you to take a shit.

Admittedly alot of time was spent faffing about with the models and seeing which ones had bodygroups and skins.

inquisitor legs are toally fucks. i mean, look at those. holy crap.
also his arm’s aren’t tight enoguh (body closeness).

If you mean the commissar, I agree, the legs do look quite wonky.

Holy shit I can hardly hold the tears, it feels so great finally seeing someone admitting its pictures has flaws and it will only get better by practicing and taking criticism.
As told earlier, it would look better with a closer angle!

3 hours of wasted time. . .

detailed and intricate criticism, well done