The cafe in gm_bigcity

to be honest, i dont dare going into the cafe since somebody said dont go ther eu get scared, well i belive in it but What happens if i press E on the Cafe door, Please serious answer

Nothing, a sound just plays.

you aint lieing right? becasue i HATE pop ups

It makes a scream and pushes you backwards.

Nope, all it does is what Tayg0 said.

i wasnt even aware of it and i tried to go in…Made meh jump o.o

oh, somebody got a video?, the i can’t go into the cafe? so i just press E on the door and a scream comes (prbly the exorcist scream) and it pushes me back?

Just grow a pair and do it. The more you get used to it, the fewer times you’ll embarrass yourself in the future. Chances are, any special someone in your life will want to watch a horror movie with you. A simple popup in a video game might stop you from wetting yourself.

I doubt it.

alright i tested it, it was funny lawl

See? It wasn’t so bad.

Now go on, squirt! Find yourself a girlfriend. Impress her with your balls of steel!

What part of the map is this prodgical cafe of screams?

You’re a faggot, lol.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Benji))

Wait … there’s a CAFE in gm_bigcity? Where?

It’s near the bottom right, if the “twin towers” are at the top. “Café Baltic”. I didn’t get a scream.

EDIT: Nope. Wait. I did.

HAH! I found it!
It took me soo long to find it i have been looking for it for soo long.
(Sorry for the old thread resurrection)

The scream was really soft…

You,Sir, are a very good necromancer!

it’s Necromancer…

I realised it few hours after I posted.:v: