The calling of the dead

Been a while, so …I am not dead. Yey…

Here’s some ambience

what map is this made on?

Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it.

can your computer draw shadows? posing is well done but composition wise you could stand to get rid of some empty space

i like the concept tho, with some shadows and some contrast/color adjustment it could be really cool

Yeah, I get that, on the first one there’s alot of empty space. My computer can do shadows, I even have custom autoexec configurations. Are you referring to the second photo?
I see now that I forgot to use the lamp tool, I only used the light tool(which, as you probably know does not create shadows). I’m no expert in this field(I don’t really have an artistic mind), I just create shit I’m satisfied with.
Yes, I have alot to learn, I don’t have time to learn photoshop and not much time to play this game, so I just do what I like. I agree with you, I don’t know much about color adjustment or contrast.
Thank you for your feedback, I’ll keep this in mind.

looks nice, what map is this on