The Camper

this is for who hate campers.

God I hate them more than 12 year olds on CS:S…

Watch what you say about them. Somebody might be a camper in this forum :smug:

I smell Shitstorm of Boxes and Gaybows.

Campers make me rage too, artistic because it’s true.

What is a camper? I seldom play CSS, so I am probably a bit of a dinosaur not knowing this.

People who wait around corners to shoot you and after that switch position to do it again.

Nice apart from that terrible shading under the terrorist’s arm.

The camper hate has gone on for too long. If he can’t take a hint from the 2 dead t’s, then he doesn’t deserve to live.


I posted in *this *thread on my 1337th post? ah, fuck me.