The cancer had had it's way with his bones. He was battered, broken and down for the count.

The Swede prevails.

if only fucking half-dead would stop being a pansy and do what bubz tell him to do

Now all we need is to comprehend his reasons.

so fucking ~deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepp…

damn cool lighting and scene overall though

I enjoyed reading it.

You’re quite good.

thanks guys. i am nominated for a nobel prize in literature so let’s hope i win.

tldr, you’re nominated for the nobel prize in tldr

zerax is hertbrokn

replenish yourself with modeselektor while shooting the acid from the nose of the top of a tree, you fall in your dreams and wake up hurt. Upon a time once, it was a simpler place.

kill me

Reminds me of Metro 2033… If It’s not based on It, of course.


thanks 4 the comments guys