The cancer of GMod's shop page screenshots.

Give me boxes all you want but it seriously pisses me off to see the insane mismatch between the game’s description and the screenshots shown. Allow me to quote:

If that’s truly the case, then what the fuck is a screenshot of xyzRP doing on the shop page? Why is there a TTT screenshot or some bullshit ragdoll posing? I’m not sure about others but to me, those images describe the game as a piece of software I can jerk around with, create dumb content with and on top of all, screw up people with RDM fests and SWEPs.

Where is the material that shows the game as what the description describes it to be? Where’re the cars, the planes, the tanks and mechs, where’re the actually creative, physics and building related things? It’s so damn hidden away that the general newcomer doesn’t even have the slightest idea of those possibilities.

What’s your thoughts on the game description compared to the screenshots?

Garry’s Mod original intent and current primary usage is very different, but still carries the same elements of a sandbox freedom – whether that be in building or roleplaying or whatever. You’re patronising a decade old game for trying to display all aspects that it carries today.

It includes these screenshots because it shows the true freedom of GMOD, either if it’s LUA or just plain old sandbox.

In short - deal with it. It’s gonna change, but not now.