The Captain's Collection of Cool Creations

Yo dudes! And dudettes, if any.

I’m gonna be keeping it short ‘n’ sweet: this is my thread, created specifically to collect all the ideas I’ve got for Rust that I think should be implemented. You’re all free to chip in with your own ideas, of course, but for the love of toasts, if you don’t like my ideas, don’t even bother posting about it! Just rate it with a “disagree” and leave it at that, mmkay? Constructive criticism is all good and swell, but if you’re just gonna clutter up the thread with how much you hate my ideas, just don’t bother and instead rate it. Cool? Cool.

Now, let’s get to it! Oh, and obviously, I haven’t gone through the entire forums and looked at whatever stuff other people’ve suggested, and I’m not going to, either. There’s always going to be reposts, and whether I do or don’t repost isn’t gonna make a difference. There. NOW let’s get to it.

First idea is one I’ve had brewin’ in my brain-pot since the absolutely first MINUTE I started playing RUST, and by golly, it’s seriously pissing me off how no one in the dev-team seems to have thought about it themselves. I’m of course talking about the most important thing the chinese have given us (not counting noodles, for arbitrary reasons): A COMPASS! Whether it’s craftable or something you start with or whatever, a compass is an extremely crucial piece of equipment when navigating any kinda terrain at any time of the day. Seriously. We NEED this, especially if you ever bother making the game-world larger (and by golly, I hope you do, 'cause this world ain’t big enough for all of us!).

Second idea: Booby-traps. Yep, craftable booby-traps to deter those damn, pesky raiders from messing with your stuff, be it opening doors, looting crates, or heck, even just trespassing in your backyard! This is something I just thought of, so I’m honestly not all THAT sure how they’d work, but whatever. Booby-traps, we need 'em!

Third idea: Binoculars. Really, guys. REALLY. Do I need to explain to anyone why we need this super-basic and super-useful piece of equipment? NOTE: I do NOT want any “zoomy” scopes for guns, or whatever! Just a plain pair of binoculars, at most with an adjustable zoom-level. Simple as that! No fuss, no muss, just a basic scouting device.

Fourth idea: Well, okay, this isn’t an idea for content per-se, but it’s just something that’s bugging the crap outta me. Ever since the durability update, the whole repairing-procedure has basically been a fat slap across people’s marblesacks for having the arrogance and audacity to use proper gear! Before the update, the only reason you wouldn’t go out solo (in full kev-gear) on a hunting or gathering trip was because of the risk that people might easier recognise you as a fancy fat-cat with cash (read: rez) to burn, and kill you and loot your stuff. That’s why you wore cloth. Same risk of getting killed and looted, but zero risk of losing valuable gear.

But now with perma-breaking items involved, all those end-game things have been reduced to just a bag of crap and scrap, either metaphorically or literally speaking. The system (as it is right now) is basically punishing everyone but the most super-mega-ultra-hardcore farmers for using high-end gear and weaponry, since the durability loss rate is so insanely high that you’ll be lucky if your nice, shiny, newly crafted, mint-condition, kev-gear lasts you through a single large raid. What’s even WORSE is that now that tools are breakable too, you’ll basically be using about half of what you farm to ensure a steady supply of tools to use as well.

Simply put, my suggested fix for this is to make tools take about 3x as long to degrade, from full to null, and REMOVE THE PERMANENT DURABILITY LOSS FROM REPAIRING. I can’t stress that last bit enough. It’s so motherbleepin’ hard to get/craft a bolt action or an M4 with 3+ mod slots for your silencer, flash and holo (and maybe laser) mods as it is, and punishing us for getting lucky with the extreme gamble that is the crafting system by causing these precious, rare bits of equipment to break PERMANENTLY is just cruel. Vicious, uncaring and CRUEL.

And that’s about it for now, dudes. And dudettes.

So, if you think my ideas are good, feel free to say so, but keep it concise, and if you’ve got some actual criticism, do share and don’t bother being concise. And if you’re just intent on hating, then keep it to yourself, 'cause nobody 'round here appreciates that kinda negativity!

This whole post was brought to you by Southern California circa 2002.