The Capt's Server

Welcome to Capt’s Server

We are a recently opened server that is just 1 day old. We are looking for new players and will have a website up soon. We have a friendly community and we are looking for more clans and groups to join the server. We are a pretty laid back group and joke around a lot. If you want to join the server type this into the console net.connect “” You can open the console by pressing F1. Once you are in console paste that in and hit enter, you will be connected to the server! If you are new to Rust we are willing to help you learn to play!

Server Features

  • 50 Slots
  • No Lag
  • PvP - On
  • Raiding - Encouraged
  • Sleepers - On
  • Airdrop @5 (When 5 people are on airdrops will spawn)

I am asking the owner if new players can spawn with a 9mm.