The Caretakers - A concept for a Gmod comic

I’m currently in the process of making a full comic, but I thought I’d share this “cover art” because it’s cool on its own. And to see if the concept appeals to people.

As of yet nothing fancy. I’m right now writing the story and doodling up storyboards.
A quick preview of the story would be that it’s about two professional criminals who work for whoever pays, wear suits, and one of them is a black weed addict with panic attacks while the other is a theatrical alcoholic dick.

Holy shit yes, I’m so reading this.

is this possible

Psychological addiction :eng101:


I use weed as a form of sleep aid and anti-anxiety which causes a psychological dependence, in some cases now I can’t sleep without it, and it’s my main form of panic attack control.
If I don’t get high for a couple days, I get a longing, an itch, a need to get high even though there are no physical withdrawal effects.

Looks to me like “the neck breakers”.

You’re right, their necks look funky a bit…

Oh well, filesmelt is down. Reuploaded to cubeupload.