The Castle Is Lost (Vanilla Picture)

No editing at all except in-game DoF. Pretty obvious. I’m not good at editing Photoshop or any other graphic editor so I didn’t even bother to try editing. Just a plain ol’ picture.
Oh yea. And I’m new. :toot:

Pyro posing is awkward, even for a corpse. Aside from completely bloodless arrow wounds, everything else is very nice!

I agree. I should have lifted him/her a bit more to have a more lifeless dangle. Next time.
Oh and I can’t edit for beans in the alley between a Mexican restaurant and Wal-Mart.
I’d rather it be vanilla than have shedits (shit edits) all over the picture.

I like b.demo’s defeated and exhausted expression/pose

though I wish he was holding the more broken shield, because it might be more symbolic, because, like, he’s the more broken man or something

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also I’m sure there might be a better or perhaps more exciting angle somewhere in this pose

The Red Demo is stepping on his (Blue Demo’s) claymore but I could seem to get a good angle with that. More broken shield. Yeah. Would make it look like he fought harder.