The Castro and Film Noir.

or stuff that’s in black and white.
I’m bored so I’ll make this now.
because of tinypic none of these are full size.
** Headshotter **

** Bodenlan I think. **

** me **

** The Vman **

** Mr.Fantasticool **

** I forgot, someone please take credit for the original image **

** Uberslug **

:buddy: :taco: :burger: :slick:

Nick is so sexy I could have sex with him.

The hair doesn’t look right in any of the pictures… it just looks odd to me but I like quiet a few of these.


At least put the names of the people who originally posed them.

I love the giant aligator one.

anyone else thinks nick looks like makarov?

So you take other people’s pictures and add shitty hair to them? That’s nice.

How friendly.

Updated with proper credits, we happy? :buddy:
@The_Fly- No it’s not construct, it’s a subway station from an rp map that I forget the name of. :frowning:
@ Moonsorrow- :golfclap: Way to be an asshole and not bring anything constructive here.

I like how the first turned out the most.

So you took Ellis and made a crappy reskin of it?

Oh , i feel so sad , why would you say that, it isn’t constructive at all :frowning:


I’m sorry but these pics are crap. All you did was desaturating them, woohoo. Hair there, contrast here, dayum ! Pro thread.

Nick is *the *sex in this.

Stop acting like a dick, let me remind you that except doing horrible SHEFing, you don’t know anything about photoshop.

And? Do you really think i care? It’s not because i can’t do it, that i can’t tell it’s shit.

Stop being so gay about nick already D:

Yeah you don’t have to be a chef to tell chicken from chicken shit.

This isn’t an attack on the pictures in this thread, they’re okay, but the notion that you have to be pro at something to make a comment on it is plain retarded.

Well there’s a difference between criticizing the constructive way and the dick way.

True, but that wasn’t your argument.

Well Vman can criticize the dick way, I will take it better than if that’s Moonsorrow. That’s the point of my argument.