The Castro's Compilation Thread.

-snip- since all filesmelt uploads have now since been replaced by content that is not of my own.

-goddammit filesmelt-

About time you made one!

I remember alot of this pictures! Have an artistic.

-fucking filesmelt-

I like your style.

Your hair edits are really good

Grade A work Castro.

-damn you filesmelt!-

^Some little AA issues, that muzzleflash looks fantastic though

I liked the green combine snipers, looked cute :smiley:

good shit in this thread right here.

-never using filesmelt again-

there you go the second pic is strange though(in terms of editing) was it’s style intented ?

-because filesmelt is a piece of shit-

The edits of that Bioshock themed pic are so cool, the colors are so fitting, nice work!

-they’re all gone!-


Wow dude, Impressive! I like the Nick Joker ones and the Shady Imposter and the Zombie walking in the field ones.

Really nice man! :smiley:
Good progress, and you got some good edits ^^
Although you jump on the same motion-blur wagon as MANY others…
remember this, and everything will look better ^^

-well, most of them, but still. fuck.-