The center of the Zone

I figured some of the things I added wouldn’t be well liked so I made two versions of the same pose. Choose the one you like the most. I also wanted to try Energo (De_energo) for posing.

Number 1: No logo, Green AK, textured brown jacket.[/media]

Number 2: STALKER Logo, Traditional AK, Black jacket.

C&C as always :wink:

Map name and good use of my model! Artistic.

Yea, what map is that?

His right hand is clipping with the handle and the angle is boring.

Posing is not bad, but this is really meh.


I just noticed that model has horrible hand models, no offence Camarilla.

It’s fine I actually asked Ddok to put gloves on him when he was putting shit on him but he forgot XD. here’s the map you guys might want…
Nice job though.

This looks pretty good.

Arms are kinda meefurdufd. Don’t ask.

Posing is good, use of DoF is good too. It’s a bit boring though, and other than the minor clipping, this is really good!

on the second pic AK looks a bit plastic. The first one is better

what is this? optimistic? disagree? dumb? anyone care to explain?

I rated it dumb because the “traditional” ak looks dumb

I think you pulled it off pretty good considering the high FOV