The Ceph exploring new Worlds!


Cracking good work.

Where are the JJ abrams effects

(offtopic: Anyone else getting annoyed as hell by the images being cut off?)

Nice, honestly i think the red light on top of the walker thing could be alittle brighter

“Well look at that! Little lizard people!”

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Thank god. I thought the cut off bullshit was just me.

I tried but it didn’t look good this time.

Just click on the Pic itself. That’s the advantage of uppix.

Holy sh…t… It’s totally awsome!!!

Personally hate those hotlinked images. Messes up my scrolling. Overall I prefer the cut off images as opposed to the auto tumbing that was earlier (mostly because it made it harder to open the stuff on a new tab, to make it vievable on my tiny screen.

A’ight. I usually shrink my images from 1920x1080 to 1280Xblablah. I guess i will
put a link for the Full-sized image in upcoming pics under the resized one.

Those creature models are cool, where did you get them?

i’m pretty sure, i wouldn’t find the manymore. they were in
a pack from some japanese mmorpg with a really strange name.