The Changeling

The Changeling


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Pictured: The Changeling

If I could write a backstory, I’d write it here. This gamemode is based off of an old Starcraft map, dubbed “Changeling”, way back when. I also made a version for GMOD9 in the past.
The game plays like this: one player is selected as the Changeling. The Changeling is the same as any other player, except they have the ability to morph into an almost-invisible state and perform melee attacks while thus cloaked. The humans must kill the Changeling or survive the round. The Changeling must trick the humans into killing each other and pick off the remaining few.
Think of Team Fortress 2 where a spy is in the base, except friendly fire is on.

The only HUD element in the game. During fight round, the text fades out leaving only the circle showing the fraction of time remaining. Health is conveyed by subtle adjustments to the player’s vision and shivering.

Statistics of one particular round. Note teamkills and damage to humans. Each player can sustain 100 damage.

What prevents this game from turning into a complete deathmatch is a combination of MAD theory and strength in groups.
Mutually assured destruction will encourage players not to randomly teamkill, as if someone else catches the teamkiller in the act, the teamkiller is likely to be killed in retaliation.
Secondly, because the Changeling can very easily kill a lone player, or even a group of two, humans must congregate in groups. This happens naturally in most games after a few rounds.

Keep it simple, stupid! The Changeling has many ways to eliminate the humans, even in this simple game design. He can pretend to be one of them and act opportunistically. He can skirt just outside the humans’ vision and take a shot at just the right angle to spark a conflict in a group. He can snipe from a distance, cloak, and flank the group while they are preoccupied. It is a game in psychology.

What do critics have to say about The Changeling?


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Pictured: The Changeling (without refraction rendering)

Definition of “paranormal”

Recommended players

: At least 8 for lab map.

Looking very good, more competition!

I, for one, welcome our new robot over- I mean new competition.

It looks too much like The Stalker, except for the teamkilling part. I think it would be more interesting if the gamemode selected a different playermodel to every player, and the Changeling had the ability to disguise as any of them.

Are you getting inspiration off The Stalker and Prototype?

Very nice to see more competition. I like this idea. Seems like Parasite and Stalker combined.

You also made me realize I should post the definition of themes in future contests. I look forward to playing it.

Looks nice.

I like the HUD, simple and easy to read. I also like how you can’t tell how many seconds are left, and the only way to determine that is by looking at the time meter.

You should make it so the Changeling can throw props around while invisible, making the player shoot at the moving object. A good strategy for the Changeling would be to move a prop behind a human, thus causing their teammate to shoot at his friend.

Also, make the maps small and cramped. This would add to the intense situations.

Sounds like Parasite and Hidden: Source.

This is actually a straight remake of the gamemode I released for GMOD9 (so far). The last modified date I have for that gamemode is May 25, 2006.

I’ve played neither The Stalker, nor Prototype.

I was thinking of randomizing players’ models arbitrarily, but your idea is much better. To add to this, it may work better to allow the Changeling to swap player models with dead bodies on the floor. This could add a great deal to the confusion and is much simpler in terms of interface.

The only part about this idea that I don’t like is that once the humans see a prop moving on its own, it immediately establishes trust with all other visible humans in the area, since humans can’t throw props or would have no reason to. A counter to this would be to allow the Changeling to manipulate props in both forms, but the interface needed for this may be cumbersome. If you can think of some sort of interface for this that will not detract from the user’s ability to move and aim freely (to keep the Changeling from looking suspicious while doing it), I would see no reason not to implement it.

Small and cramped maps tend to require more players to prevent deathmatch (ironic, isn’t it?), so I don’t really have a way to test how this really works. Small open maps allow humans to see more of the map at a time, increasing the chance that a player spots a team-killer in action. Close quarter maps, on the other hand, have a plurality of independent spaces. This yields a much greater chance of a player getting away with a teamkill.
The map has a dramatic effect on gameplay, and I haven’t fully explored how deep this goes. I will definitely release this gamemode with both open and close quarter maps since neither type has been fully tested.

Maybe some sort of fake gun that look’s real to other humans, but actually allows them to “select” the prop and control it without looking directly at it or something.

Grigori, G-Man, Alyx, G-Man, and Kleiner are hunting for the Changeling. Which one is disguised?


In short, if it gives each player a different model, and the Changeling had to disguise, groups would be quick to locate the odd one out, or otherwise burn the two witches. If the Changeling had his own disguise, it’d be bothersome to change back every so often. Not that it would work, just that it would need fine tuning.

Everybody should be kleiners for the lols

I said swap with dead bodies. Dead body gets old Changeling’s model, Changeling gets dead body’s model. How do you burn two witches if one of them is already fried? :3:

I know you were joking, but some form of identification is needed since player tags are disabled.

Make everyone have an individual player model, and then make a derma or vgui list of those model’s faces with the player names under them. I’m sure you can figure that out. It may be more difficult to use than player tags, but it would add a sense of realism to the game.

Until someone’s dead, though…

You could make a fake gun like thomasfn said, you use primary fire to choose the prop and secondary fire will shoot it where you aim. You could use it to hide dead body!




Mapper notes (and I do need mappers - I’m currently using maps from the GMOD 9 version):
-Keep it dark. The HUD was designed for contrast with dark backgrounds.
[strikethrough]-Use a logic_relay with a name of “changeling_newround”. It will be triggered at the start of each new round - reset prop positions etc. when triggered.[/strikethrough]

Cool beans


Why not use the functions that exist specifically for restarting the map?