The Characters of City Eight

A street-hardened Protection Unit, he doesnt take BS from anyone. Anti-Citizens? In HIS Street? I dont think so…

Yi Xaka
No one really knows about this man, he usually wanders the streets. Some say, like most of the city, he lost it all, and possibly is in denial.

Tony Davidson
Your typical little store-owner, just trying to make end’s meat. He has gotten into much trouble with the Local Protection Forces, over his “stuff”.

Work on your posing.

Interesting idea, but none of these are very exciting.

Ugh… this really infuriates me. I toil and toil… and I really cant get damn posing right.

Enough of the booho me. Could you please be more detailed in that.


Was meant for Overkill.

What’s up with their hands?

Holy… I just noticed those weird lines engraved in there. That is very odd.

I love end’s meat, very delicious.

Ends Meat with Coke A Cola

how come everyone uses numbers for metrocop names lol