The Chat Room (Garry's Mod Machinima)

This is a machinima I had made for (since I’m a part of their director program), and unfortunatley they rejected it for having strong language of a sexual nature.

Since I put alot of work into it and really like this video, I’ll just release it without branding and without making any revenue off of it. Whatever.

This video is also a remake of the famous chat room scene from the film “Closer”


Internet chat rooms have given us the ability to talk with other people about anything in real time. But who you talk with may be a lie, or even worse, an enemy spy.

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Sad how almost all chatrooms are like that

Eh, it was a bit dragged. It was pretty boring just looking at a chat for most of the four and a half minutes.

Longest killcam ever made

Have you ever seen the original chat room scene from the film “Closer”? It’s somewhere on youtube.


It was a bit long and dragged on but I laughed at some parts and the music matched up well.
Laughed hard at this part.


Best part

Love it Mutank :smiley:

Lol amazing.

aha! was really good man,great job!

Kind of dragged out, plus a comic managed to do exactly that joke in like 4 squares.

This video was inspired by the chatrook scene in the movie “closer”. The original scene was around 8 minutes long.