The Chosen One +bonus

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“This is but one of the legends of which the people speak…”

And bonus…

“Me and My Shadow”

When i saw the first pic I said “Fuck finally Ryu stopped using the fucking bloom”, then I saw the bonus.

On the other hand the first picture has a fitting lightening and the pose was executed well, angle looks quite nice too.

On the second picture it looks like the typical you but this time its male to male elf rape.

Light and pose on first pic is a yes.

Second pic not so much.

No helpless girl being raped and her skin tatoo’d with a knife?
You impress me.

I’m not fan of Zelda stuff, but they’re quite nice.

Actually there is Bloom turned on in the first picture, but I forgot to turn on the lamps when I took the shot…but it still looked good anyway, so I kept it.


Pic one is pretty nice. I like the angle and the lighting is good. Just needs some better AA.

As for pic two… I didn’t realize you were into that kind of stuff :smug:

Pic one is amazing.
Pic two is (very typical of you Ryu-Gi) the reason why timid people are scared of their own shadows.

Can you send me the link of your 3d link model please ?? :slight_smile:

olol the second pic shadow link is fondling regular link

but the first pic looks nice

for some reason i’m thinking the picture looks low quality

do you have jpeg_quality 100?

I have a 2D Link model, do you want it?

2D ? but i would like the 3D u_u
but Yes I’d like to see your 2D model but I do not think I’ll use it because I want the 3d model of ssbb

Ryu-Gi making poses again?
Pictures seem nice but they could use some DOF.


Lol what the fuck dude he was joking

Serious o_o
Someone can help me to find the 3d model of link in super smash bros brawl with “T-pose” ?


I expected The Matrix.

lightning is pretty cool

@Rastifan: Okay thanks but how can i import it into 3ds max or any 3d programe ?

I don’t know. Try asking here. Ought to be someone there who can answer.

Okay but are you sure that there is the 3d model with “T-pose” in the DL you have put in this theard ?


I always loved zelda.