The Christmas Screenshot competition.

Alright, it’s christmas time, and I think it’d be appropriate for a little friendly contest.
I can offer you no actual prize, but it’s fun just to win, and participate.

The contest will end on the 24th of December.

Here are a few usefull xmas things I searched up.

You can have as many entries as you like, but only one of your entries can win.

Judges will be me, and 2 others whom have asked to remain anonyme.

So get cracking people, and remember, it’s not all about winning.

This time, I’m fuckin’ entering.

I’m in.

I’ll enter!

I shall enter.

Best I could do in 5 minutes, but if I make a better one, I’ll add it later

Here’s mine,not much in the Christmas mood but:

Did he kill his teammate?

I can’t help myself but I had to do this just to imfamize the fact that Santa breaks into your home.

yeah he wanted heavy’s gift…he never really was on his side anyways

Should have been a blue spy

Still a cool picture.

Nice posing caboose but your camera angles are always horrible

My Entry: A TF2 Christmas

Made on koth_viaduct. Anyone can edit in snow, Christmas lights, etc if they feel like it.

Happy Holidays everybody.

Cool, I will contribute later.

I think I’ll enter tomorrow hopefully before Uberslug wins.

Glad to see so many people participating :smiley:

It looks like he got a dick in a box… Intentional?

no :frowning: after i posted that elsewhere , i was told that exact same thing

A remake from the Gmod challenge 2008 if you can remember.

Santa’s are just old pedophiles.