The CHRONICals of afro kushman

leap of FAITH

leap in TIME*!!*

Don’t use MSpaint.

Only you can prevent wildfires.


whoever rated me late, that was the most brilliant use of the clock i’ve ever seen.

good job

Chronicles :eng101:

I would buy that if it were orange.

Why do I get more enjoyment out of these comics than I do out of every other comic on Facepunch? It’s funny because it’s absurd and doesn’t give a fuck what it gets rated, the art is in how terrible it is by all established standards. It’s like fucking cubism for the Gmod comic world.

good job


Del-re-re’s and Rambo_6’s comics are the best comics

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didnt know gay hitler loved weed

is he a dad too?

I don’t know if it was good or bad, but I laughed.

Same here.

It’s stupid that gold like this gets banned & locked for being a “Troll” comic.