After 1 month of deciding what i should make. The chronicles of Dank which is a new series i am thinking of creating is now most likely becoming true.

(FPS MAY SUCK, my laptop has been acting up so recording was a pain in the ass)

OH AND MAJOR HEADPHONE LOWER VOLUME WARNING. And may cause cancer to the ears and

Did I get reverted back to 2008


really it’s terrible

Can’t blame you, honestly I didn’t really make a script I just recorded what I thought.

That’s I rule I broke about film making.

how are these questions?

2014 as told by 2009 and made by 2006

I still don’t understand? Like if you gonna comment on my video like atleast tell me what’s wrong with the video so I can improve.

I like it quite frankly. Reminds me of the early days of Gmod vids. Kinda makes me miss making videos.

Thank you, probably the only one who actually commented about the video and not the year it looked like it.

again, how are these questions?

I was expecting a lot of hate. A lot. Honestly I’m gonna take them down as it serves no purpose but that was just the case it was so horrifying that people rioted in the comments