The Cinematic Man - The epic new movie by ICan'tPhotoshop Studios

aww yeah there is where it’s all at

so lets take a tally:

  • Scale lines
  • Widescreen bars
  • Movie title
  • Grain
  • Blue RGB displacement
  • Shit muzzleflashes/tracers
  • Bad effects
  • Motion blur
  • Dodge and burn with isolation (pen tool’d)

and all that took me around half an hour.

Muzzle flash looks like it’s at a different angle than the gun is pointing

N1c3 j0b d00d

1t could use sum work hre n thre but it really nice XXXDDDD

yeah i got lazy with here and dere please exuze that sir

no my self esteem says otherwise.

How about no.



No It’s no cinematic.

But I suppose It’s pretty cool…

it is cinematic because thats what all the cinematic effects are

Those sure are some sexy walls. Use a better background next time.