The "City"


You already got a thread about planning to make a machinima. Dont make another one with another PLanned machinima… Especially when there’s no content to show

You can’t film an entire machinima on gm_construct, that’s just dumb.

I know. I’m just making a small machinima before I make the big one. That way I’ll have more experience in making machinimas.


I’m not, I’ll do most of it on construct, but I’ll use other maps of course.

I cant see how this could turn out good at ALL…

What’s so bad with it?

Well, for starters, gm_construct

I already said that I’m not gonna use just gm_construct! Besides, look at WotS; most of it was made on consruct.

It wasnt made on construct, it had a SCENE on construct.

And then why dont we all just start making machinima on construct since WOTS did it.

Oh wait… WOTS did it. It wouldnt be original anymore. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, since construct is the worst map ever to make a machinima on, find me another map that would be good for this.

I can. And probably will. Will your idea become good then? Nope.

I found a good map now so no need for anyone to come to this thread anymore since EVERY SINGLE TIME I get an idea, everyone says it sucks. F*** YOU ALL!

That’s FP for you. You dont think everyone will say :

Oh my god The leader is here, his videos rock. Even if he doesnt have any.

We’re here to give Constructive criticism not a pat on the back.

Sry bout that I just got really annoyed… And I don’t expect anyone to say that, but just at least one person to NOT say this will fail or suck.

If you’ve got an idea, go and follow it. I’ll give you afew starting tips.

Don’t ask for help where in which the participants are doing everything. People hate this.

We want CONTENT. Show us a snazzy little picture or a part of the script you conjured up. Give a little detail, and small promise, and people will be flocking to you like dung beetles on shit.

When people say that whatever you said is bad, either take it and move on, or goto another forum to see if they hate is aswell. If they do, scrap your idea.

If you’re managing the editing, I recommend either Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere pro. Vegas has an easier interface, but I believe that they are both equaly capable.

When it comes to voice acting, don’t hire little 12 year olds with shitty mics. Advertise around, like I said before show of your shit, and the good voice actors will come to you in a heartbeat.

Do not use gm_construct
There are so many other maps that are a hundred times better than that map. It’s designed for construct, not machinima.

Thanks for the advice. I’m not going to use construct anymore. I’ve found a few other maps that suit better what I want to do then just construct.

I’ll spit up a teaser trailer of some sort in the week to come, just so that everyone can get a possible idea of the full video.

I use, and always will use, Sony Vegas and Xfire (the only recording program I could find that was completely free and that dosen’t lag).

Faolco pretty much covered it.

It ain’t hard to put up a picture of what you will do now is it?

Glad I could help.

I might need to change the name since I can’t really make a “city” now… I’ll probably make it just jungle and stuff.

Here’s the map I’m planning on using now: