The Civilian City Exodus

Took a long time to pose all of it. Like three truck loads of civilians, all posed and crap. Sadly, most of it is unseen. Then the editing was kind of a pain as well since I’m not THAT great of an editor…I tried none the less.

So, this is the result of a few hours of work. I think it’s ok, not exactly what I was planning but good enough for me.

This is kind of going off of the Modern Warfare 2 lore of the Russian’s massive assault on the US. Civilian casualties need to be minimalised and removed from combat areas and that’s what’s going on here.


Constructive Criticism and all that good stuff.

Only problem is the falling helicopter, maybe a bit too yellow.
Everything else is nice.

Not much panic-ness or a sense of urgency for a HIND that’s approaching them.

Awesome rain and amount of ragdolls posed though.

Heh, they’re not too worried since they got their own boys in the sky aswell :slight_smile: Cobra over there and on the far right (you can just barely see the tip of one) there are two Apaches :stuck_out_tongue:

The chopper being shot down totally ruins it imo.

Agreed, hairybastard. The whole atmosphere of the picture is totally in a different direction than a battle. I think it would be a lot better if you removed most if not all of the helicopters.

All right mates, just like magic the helicopters disappear :slight_smile: Thanks!

I disagree. Helicopters flying over the convoy are at their place, covering the sky. However I don’t think there should be Blackhawks - there should be AA-support machines.

But I agree that battle on the background is out of place, really. Ruins the atmosphere and so the overall mood from the picture.

Picture itself is very good. Tha gamma fits great, making a sad/nervous atmoshpere. Awesome.

much better

i wish we had more interestingly-themed pictures like this.

I glad I didn’t see the first edit.

Because this is awesome.


Is that gm_atomic?


Realy awesome!

Looks awesome, editing doesn’t matter if the picture is otherwise, well for example like it’s here.

Good concept, poor ex-, fantastic execution.

Fantastic. I love the editing.

Christ. Mind if I try and edit this?

Go nuts.

Thanks everyone, glad it looks a lot better without the helicopters in the background :v:

ugh god jim riley i was going to give you mad compliments saying “wow ben_wolfe you finally improved!”

but it’s not ben_wolfe, so whatever.

one thing i can really say that may improve this picture is to definitely add more sharpness to it. it feels very misty which is fine but the things that “pop out” need to pop out even more than they already do.

also, the lens flared headlights or whatever have that really blurry beam. it’s kinda nasty in comparison to everything else. some noise + sharpness on that layer would have been nice to transpose it a little better.

regardless, it’s good.

More dods poses plz thx.