"The Clash Of Two Nations" The Shadowless Comic Preview

***"Okey guys, its -19° out there, turn your heating system on, and load your ammunitions.

We are almost arriving to the rendevous point, so you can open your doors and admire the beautiful landscape before we turn it to hell"***


***“Hey Sir, this place looks horrible, I hate when they take you out of Cry-stasis just to bust your ass in the middle of nowhere!”

“Shut up soldier! You should be happy they didnt send us to the south, the confrontation there is much worse, 2 other nations are fighting that territory…”

“Haha, it doesnt matter where We fight commandos… It plain sucks anyway”

Chuckles Thats the spirit Commander!”***


***“General! They are landing, should we move now?”

“Yes, mobilize and engage the targets, nobody shall desecrate our lands!”



"So I guess it has started… A war with no reason… For a land We dont even want… But I’m a just another soldier in this mindless war…"


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like the look of it cant wait

I like this

Good job, Santz.

Looks quite cool.

Wow, Brother hood of steel versus the soldiers from Section 8. Odd isn’t it?


Thanks for the comments guys :slight_smile:

More please! What you think of the editing?
Original Pictures!


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Posing on the second is pretty awesome. Other then that I just find it kinda meh.

Bahahaha, I’m an


(?) war boss!

To Waaaaaaghhh!

I like them alot, can’t wait for the comic!

Looks kinda bland

^ That’s probably more to do with the map and the lack of editing than anything else.

No words for this, is awesome.
Can you post links for the robots?I find them long time ago but now I can’t find them

http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=819670 Section 8 Model Pack

And I got the FO models from the SGG playermodels pack :stuck_out_tongue:

All the pics, or something in special?

The map’s floor(SNOW) is kinda bland… I would like a better snowy map but I cant seem to find any…
A more snowy one would be cool since I just learned how to do footprints :stuck_out_tongue:

Also thanks for all the comments, today I’m gonna end posing/editing the last pics and with a little luck I will end the comic on the friday, then I will pass it to a Grammar-Nazi friend of mine so I don’t get Bad spellings again…

Is my skin dude a goodie or a baddie?

This looks cooool.

You are a leader that takes his job very seriously, but who says you cant have fun on your job? :smug:
Mmmmm its complicated… lets say you are goovil :v: