The Classic Gamemodes... Where Have They Gone?!

I’m sure anyone who has played GMod9 misses the classic fortwars or the Build-A-Bridge gamemode. They’ve both been remade, however Fortwars was butchered with the “upgrades lol” crap that you usually see in gamemodes, and no server has Build-A-Bridge on it. There were other gamemodes as well, I remember one where players built a glider to fly to the end of a body of water (individuals), one called Nine-Tenths where players dashed to grab+throw props into their bases (two teams). Even one where a group of invisible players (except for their gravgun glow) hid in a pretty big map while another group had to go find and kill them (hide and seek!).

This isn’t a “i ca’nt even ula code” thread, I’m just wondering why were these games abandoned? Doesn’t anyone else but me on FacePunch miss them? I had so much fun playing them, didn’t anyone else?

raises hand, then continues eating Twix

Build a bridge just gets filled with retards these days which then spoil the entire gamemode and you explained about fortwars.

I just wish somebody would host one or two servers with these. 16 or 20 players is perfect (4-6 players per team, if 4 teams on full server) for both Fortwars and Build-A-Bridge. Hide and Seek would only need like 10, 16 would be wonderful too. I wonder if that’s been remade yet. The glider gamemode could be like 4 or 6 slots as well, they don’t all require that many players to have fun.

I completely agree with this. I am sick and tired of seeing RP servers in the server browser. Or rather the lack of other gamemodes. I started just after the GMod 10 release, but I have been told about the old gamemodes, and totally support this.

I would even be willing to help with the coding, should anyone need it. This needs done.

The only gamemodes: “lol rp” and they don’t even do that right. I hate DarkRP, LightRP, GModRP, I hate every goddamn remake of them, I hate ZS, I hate every goddamn remake of that too.

The gamemodes are simple, their fun lasts such a long time. Upgrades/Benefits make things have a limited amount of fun attached, drive away newer players, and make people forget they’re accepting donations, rather, they’re selling services, and contribute to power corruption, elitism, and favoritism. That’s why the old ones had none. Sure in the old FortWars you could buy weapons, but every time you joined your money was reset to prevent people getting bored once they got everything, and you lost all weapons at the end of each round. They were just HL2 weapons - you had the SMG, Pistol, and Gravity Gun during fight mode. You could buy the shotgun, crossbow, AR2, or .357. People didn’t focus on them - they had fun even without them and they didn’t outflank the game’s core.

Well, i recently put up a stranded server that’s heavily modified and quite a few bugfixes. Feel free to join it at

It’s one of the most original gamemodes, even if it wasnt a Gmod 9 one.

I kind of got bored of stranded, but I do play it from time to time. I never understood the ending goal of it, and it didn’t have much replay value. Back when I first started, however, it was a really fun gamemode.

Well, thing is as Stranded has basically been tossed about there’s never been any real end goal for it, however with some dedication and work it’s incredibly fun. Like i said, I’ve been customizing and fixing it so there’s more to it.

i agree, someone needs to remake those gamemodes! i only started in gmod 10, but ive hear of the old gamemodes and they sound awesome! i do know that there is a remake of hide and seek, but i cant find any servers using it :frowning: <== hide and seek

i think a team is needed to remake the gamemodes

All those gamemodes have already been remade, the problem is that people are too preoccupied with hunting down the person that stole “milk” from their “house” to play them.

They’re all actually fairly simple.

I understand a whole bunch are being made with the simple gamemode base and with fretta.

But I’ve been out of the news ring for an incredibly long time, so I don’t know what happened to those.

Who here remembers the Stalker gamemode? It was basically the hidden.

No team is needed. Just a community willing to host, and one or two coders.

Isn’t fretta a gamemode thing where they switch maps every like… 5-10 mins? Simple Gamemodes would make sense, though.

My clan would host if it got more donations and more people willing to play. Currently it’s like, half-dead, and without the support of a bunch of player we couldn’t hope to have those servers active.

SpaceBuild’s always entertained me.

Build ships, go to space.

Also, last night on my Sandbox server I hosted a sort of war. Whoever could level the other team’s base first won. Sadly, my team lost :-/

I can’t build for balls, so I never found SpaceBuild that entertaining. And every server I went to (only 1 or 2) lagged like hell, so I gave up on it.

That helps I guess. I meant the gamemodes in it though - aren’t they designed for short round durations and such?