The Classic Gamemodes... Where Have They Gone?!

Currently yes, I believe, but you can design them for longer if necessary.

If I’m wrong, do NOT flame, I haven’t been in the Lua section recently

with Fretta, you could probably modify it to take longer before the switch.

and currently, I think it has a system that stops a gamemode form showing up in the “vote for the next gamemode” if it is being played during the vote.

This could also be changed. I think using Fretta as a retro-gamemode base would be cool. It would be like getting one of those packs full of things like Space Invaders, Tetris, Pong, Snake, etc.

There should be multiple servers however. One plays Fortwars 24/7, one plays Hide and Seek 24/7, another plays the glider one 24/7, another players build a bridge 24/7. I wouldn’t want to join Fortwars to play Hide and Seek. It would be cool to pick which to play on. Maybe just 2 servers, one could be Fortwars, one could be a variable classic gamemode or something.

I agree with this; changing gamemode is really un-neccisary. Although it would be cool to be able to be redirected to another server, if you want to join it (To play a different one of the gamemodes)

I’m an 09’er, and I really feel I’ve missed out on all the old gamemodes. Today 90% of servers are just DarkRP and Sandbox, and the rest are a hotchpotch of Spacebuild, ZS and others. :smith:

same here!

I miss suicude barrels.

Suicide barrels was intense, and possibly the most fun I’ve ever had in Gmod.

Oh, that bridge building (with wooden boxes) gamemode was really intense too. THE SENSE OF COMPETITION!

I’ve heard Suicide Barrels was fun, never got a chance to play it though.

We need woodwars gamemode.

That would make a real gamemode.

The Fretta server has it on the gamemode list. Doesn’t get voted in much though.

It was fun. Believe me.


I must aquire this gamemode!

God, the first thing I said when I got Gmod was “Where are the old gamemodes?”

Bob’s DM server used to host Suicide Barrels, along with other classics. But then it died due to lack of donations :’(

It took me a while to realize I really missed what was.

Guess you never know what you got until it’s scattered and gone.

The reason for the lack of all those old gamemodes? That’s easy, they’re simple. You can’t make thousands of DONATE FOR COOL SHIT motd’s without making the gamemode unplayable. With RP and sandbox however you can just withhold things for money.

RP gamemodes are all stupid, Sandbox mods are all stupid (honestly people making money off “buying tools” is the most bullshit thing I have EVER heard).

A good server owner knows this: He is not selling services, he is accepting donations. He shouldn’t have to give incentives for people to put a couple bucks his way, people should give them the money at will because they like the server and hope for it to stay around for a while.

Well, one problem is that people do recreate these, but most people are like “lol i want rp onlyz” and thus you have a very small populace that actually wants to play it. Also small gamemodes like suicide barrels can only last so long before they get boring, so it’s better they’re mixed in with a few other minigame type gamemodes.

However, I’m in the process of a few gamemode developments at the moment (although stranded is already released), so I’ll throw up a thread soon with a couple of servers with them on.

Yes I’m reinventing the wheel, but hell at least it means people can get at least a taste of what things were like while trying to give a new experience.

I’d love to just play that classic Fortwars game. That old 4-way 6-or-so players per team Fort War with just crates as your fort and the classic weapons. If only that, I would be so happy.

I miss woodwars. Now that was the shit.