The Classic Stealth Box Espionage Action

Just testing some new skills in GIMP. C&C

The question mark looks nice but has some severe aliasing issues.

The posing on the soldier looks dodgy and the camera angle leaves things badly empty and unexciting. Snake’s legs look good at first glance but under a little closer scrutiny they look flimsy and off-balance.

You forgot to tell me that the shadow is bad. :v:
Thanks, I’ll work on it.

“Hmm,what was that noise?”

“Who’s footprints are these?”
cue music

More like:
“Ah, fuck, I’m too lazy to stealthy walk through this level”
runs away
“Nah, must be my imagination…”

All of the villains in the Metal Gear series must hire from the same temp agency that supplies inept henchmen to Bond villains.

Also, I could never hit their damn radios. I always ended up shooting them in the ass.

You do that too, I just stare at poses, just stare at em, till I find an imperfection then just rant about it! :slight_smile: <3 U Chesty!