The Client Side Arcade

Original Release Thread:

The Clientside Arcade was released maybe 4 years ago, and has since been broken by an update. I decided I was going to try to fix it, and I succeeded.

use the pong_ and invaders_ commands to run.

Have a wrench.

well done this is really cool
will be good for when youre bored

Grab this rubber covered wrench.

Nice, will be usefull when i get bored

Would it be possible to make a server side version.

I run a ttt server and have been looking for something like this to keep the spectators entertained for times of up to 8 minutes.

Perhaps if this was cropped so it only covered half the screen and was allowed to run off commands like /pacman

if you put it on the server, it should download to the client.

I play this when RP gos slow! haha