The Cloudscript Gnome of terror

Anyone tried it?

(what a dumb question, it has over 5000 downloads)

It’s awesome.

It also disables your RT camera if it’s looking at it.

Today , it scared the fuck out of me , i was searching for something in the “Spawn Menu” for remove him. But he fucking appeared in front of me.
I shat brix.

Set him on fire.

Its hilarious.


Is it that beta update participation thingy

Teta Bonita is a Lua genius. I see that he fixed the problem with his original Harmless Companion Cube, which you could see moving with an RT camera.

Also, anybody noticed that sometimes, the gnomes blow up a nuke of some kind.

It killed me once so I decided oh whatever and removed it, it then killed me again and I shat bricks.

Does anyone have a link to it?

It gets annoying since you can’t remove it.

I even have to download a flamethrower just to burn the little bastard (I know I can just use the ignite tool, but its so much gratifying to just use a good old flamethrower). Trying to shot me with his eyelasers and stab me in the back.

Light him on fire.

And of course this comes 3 days after I uninstall Ep2.

it’s pre-made in garry’s mod… just open the entities menu and click the cloud icon… it should show a live page of scripts made by others one of them is called “Friendly gnome”


click the green button to spawn it

That gnome is spooky as hell…

If I could delete the damn thing then i would like it better but the idea is that it teleports behind you then Charges up “that nooise you hear” and if you dont turn around in time he will kill you

You cant even stop it with contraints

oh great some more scary shit in gmod

First it was gman, then the cube, then this.

God damn.


What are you talking about? yes it does

What kind of RT camera are you using then?

It doesn’t do shit with the one that comes with Gmod.