The Clowns of Crime - Joker and Harley posing in a foggy nighttime street


Harley’s chest looks bruised, but nice! Rated arty.

for some reason i don’t like the edit. Great posing though

Interesting style. Colours/shadows kinda seem messed up in places though.


Sweet shading/highlighting on the Joker’s face though.

Joker slapped dat bitch up.

It’s a little different I’ll admit. But thanks though!

Yeah, I was aiming for cartoony/arty style. Thankwoo.

Neat Lighting

Amazing, simply amazing.


looks great

in fact, only his face though, i thought jokers head was actualy from a live action movie

for a few seconds atleast


where did you get the model, ive been looking for it for a while now

Really good job!

Naw just kidding. Really, this is great.

I was afraid people would say that. Sorry! :frowning:
I hope Weegimario carries on his work with the Arkham models soon.

I don’t know about that artistic filter or whatever. Looks like a badly compressed game cutscene from 1997. It’s probably the effect you were going for and you did it well, but I don’t like it.

Posing looks good. To me it looks a bit like some sort of painting.

Well, I never expected it to be to everyones tastes. It’s not often I use filters like this.

Excellent, thats what I wanted!

Looks like you used the cutout filter, but it’s very tasteful (unlike her clothing). Overall very nice.

Then high five!


Thanks! And yeah it is cutout.
Joker likes his women looking like whores.