The Cobra (warning: SBEP inside)

Well heres my second (not bad) contraption, as i said it does have SBEP. I made the inner bit out of SBEP and then built around it with mainly PHX. You could call it a WIP as it is only a hull with no details inside or life support… any way here it is… The Cobra

This photo best explains why i decided to name it The Cobra

Why didnt you just stick this in that SBEP thread?

Because i didnt want to…simple

That man is a frog!

He doesn’t have to

Wow, it actually does look like a Cobra.

This thread isn’t recieving nearly enough flames O.o What, did you guys get tired?

everyones at the portal thread remember?

I just thought fuck it let’s just not post in these individual sbep threads so people will stop posting them. I’m failing at it now though since I had to explain shit.

Yeah, I got tired of flaming SB stuff. I think this needs to be retextured tho. I don’t like the material on it. I hope this is enough constructive criticism not to get temp banned.




Well I like this, I am always a fan of neat new SBEP shapes, but I would have used the “advanced” white skin instead of this one. But yeah nice work on looks. But what kind of nifty wire systems does it have?

at leasy someone likes it lol

i have to admit its not great as the main body is all sbep, but i was just messing around.

also it has no wire systems : / im not very good at wire so its jsut an empty shell at the moment :frowning: