The Cold War all over again

This is the story of a wandering man who entered the wrong soil,

*I sought only peace amongst the Russians,
The unconditional, mutual respect of others didn’t seem to end.
For only so long.

The children decided to break the seal,
Where I thrived to create, they only strove to destroy.
The soil forgotten by the gods, my screams for help were mute.

Some people told me to give them a rest,

But I have resolved to give them hell.*

TL;DR — It is apparently a server where you can buy noclip and a remover gun that you can use to destroy others’ props. On top of that, admins (the gods) are never on, and the votekick system is extremely biased (e.g. A kid kills me 10 times with his Wire Expression, then I kill him once with a weapon — BAM Votekicked).

I am looking for secret weapons to annoy, destroy, distract and disarrange the Russian kids and everything they do, be it homing missiles, Wire expressions, device jammers, server crashers, whatever. I already made an externally controlled invisible bomber that resulted in at least 100 casualties over time, while my name was in Chinese so they couldn’t figure out how to votekick me.

If you are here to tell me to stop — Don’t. They did things to me you cannot imagine. The only thing I want to hear remaining of them are their bliss tears transmitted to my ears via microphone which, right now, is the most beautiful melody in the world to me.

I have chosen my path.


You created a poem about a game.

Damn those russian kids doing unimaginable things like pushing their collision meshes into your player entity and deleting your polygons THIS IS WAR!

Uh, congrats?