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THE COLOSSEUM* (New Actively Growing Community)*** [ Mature Players Only (+18)]**
This Server is Located in * ** New York* Wiped 2.15.2014
Echo Gaming Ⓒ **Blackbox Servers **[Help Us Grow by Voting!]

Hit F1, net.connect

Server Information:

This is why we rock! The Colosseum focuses primarily on maintaining an incredibly fun, yet immensely challenging environment for every player from the moment you log in. We’ve achieved this by taking all the best ideas and player suggestions and plugged them all together to create the best player experience possible. We’ve supplied you with building blocks, you build the cities and control the strongholds. In order to maintain this goal of perfection, we enforce our anti-grieving policies. We also maintain a strict adult policy (+18).

"~ Back when I first started the game, I soon realized how frustrating it can be joining a new server for the first time, trying your very best to gather the resources you need just to survive, only to find yourself defenseless against veteran bandits or even worse…trolling admins. After joining the many others whom where highly disappointed by the way even the most populated servers were handled, it left me anything but discouraged. I sought out to level the playing ground so you may enjoy the game for what it is, and play it how it is supposed to be played. With a strict no admin intervention policy, the only foes you face are other members of our actively growing community. Team up with your friends to dominate vast sections of territory. This server is truly yours to conquer.~!

Make Us Your Home Server!
~ 100 Slot BlackBox Dedicated Server
~ Strictly Adults Only (Age 18+) Policy
~ Percentage Player Grief Allocation ( Higher percentages may result in kick/ban. )
~ Weaponized Starting Kit. Includes Weapons, Ammo, Food, Building Materials, and more!
~ Collect Gold, then Exchange Gold for Weapons or Items to Build a City, and Forge an Empire!
~ “Best Admins Ever!” ~

Server Configuration:

~ Door Sharing Enabled
~ PvP Enabled
~ Marketplace [Buy/Sell]
~ Sleepers Enabled
~ Instant Crafting
~ Friends Enabled
~ Groups Enabled
~ No Decay
~ No Wipe
~ Airdrops Set to 8
~ Private Messaging
~ Chat History
~ Teleport.toplayer Enabled
~ Personal Statistics
~ Player Leaderboard
~ Friendly Admins

This Server Currently Runs Plugin: **OXIDE **

List of Commands:
/location [ Displays your “X” , “Y” , and “Z” Coordinates. ]
/history [ Lists Chat History. (20 lines) ]
/money [ Displays your current balance. ]
/price [ Lists prices of Items available on the Marketplace. ]
**/buy “Item” “#” ** [ Buys an Item from the Marketplace. ]
**/sell “Item” “#” ** [ Sells an Item to the Marketplace… ]
/list [ Lists Online Players ]
/admins [ Lists Online Administrators ]
/friend [ Displays your Friends list. ]
/friend “name” [ Adds a player to your Friends list. ]
/unfriend “name” [ Removes a player from your Friends list. ]
/kit starter [ Obtains Boosted Starter Set. ]
/share [ Shares a Door. ]
/unshare [ Unshares a Door. ]
/pm “name” “msg” [ Sends A Personal Message. ]
/rating [ Searches Leaderboard. ]
/stats [ Displays your Current Statistics. ]

Server Rules: Breaking any of these rules may result in being kicked :rolleyes:

- Age (+18) and Up! Maturity is required.
- No Hacking/Cheating. (This is an obvious one.)
- Do not ask for handouts. (You probably wouldn’t need to in the first place.)
- Do not trap Admins please! (Trust me, people have tried in the past.)
“That’s it! Enjoy the Game You Villains!”

Please Read:[ The Colosseum features an environment that may contain intense violence, blood and gore, strong language, and verbal abuse, that is not suitable for minors. By joining our servers, you agree to terms that you are above the age of (+18) and that at any time, an Admin can kick/ban you from the server if he/she believes you to be underaged or to be causing considerable grief to other players.]

~ “Take me to Radiation Valley…”

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Expected Update: January 22nd, 2014
~ Crafting Explosive Charge Enabled.
~ Server-side messages will be minimized.
~ Resource Warehouses Removed.
~ Reduced server drop packets, therefore increase server performance.
~ Added New Items to Boosted Starter Kit. (/kit starter)

i went into some dudes house and he had over 20 thousand wooden planks. open doors and everything lawl


Just started the game… Friendly admins, active players, Best…Server…Ever! lmao


What’s a resource bay and where can I find it? Plzzz help!!

Resource Bays are warehouses set around the map that contain hundreds of thousands of materials from building blocks to defense mechanisms and weaponry.

Really Fun server, Has a lot of mods others don’t. Very helpful and fair admins. I love this server and it already have a bunch of fun players


kk, tyvm

Horrible server, admins were in godmode and killed me.

That player has been removed from our servers.

Glad to hear!



WOOMPP Found It!!

1/22/2014 [2:10] EST

“We’ve recently encountered an error causing people not to be able to join our server. This bug has now been fixed.”

This server is perfect for starters you can do /Starter every couple of hours and get really nice starting loot


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^Supply warehouse.