"The Colt" from "Supernatural"

On the show “Supernatural”, there is a gun that is the Winchester Brothers’ greatest gun, simply known as “The Colt”.

The Colt, and thirteen bullets for it, were made by Samuel Colt for a paranormal hunter in 1835. John Winchester (Sam and Dean’s Father) claims that anything that is hit by one of the thirteen bullets fired from The Colt will die, including creatures that are normally immune to bullets. (That includes demons, even higher-level ones like Azazel, AKA the Yellow-Eyed Man.) Entities with mortality are shown to be more resilient, which may be attributed to their state of neutrality, unless the shot itself is fatal. The bullets appear to be made of silver, and are each individually engraved with a number 1 through 13. The gun itself is a Colt Paterson revolver, albeit one that fires modern style cartridges as opposed to the “cap and ball” loading of the 1830s originals.
On the gun is inscribed the phrase, “non timebo mala” which means “I will fear no evil” referencing Psalm 23:4.


SPOILERS for the end of Season 2! This video shows the gun in action. (Fast-Forwards to 3:00 to see it happen.)

I was hoping someone would be interested in recreating this gun. Usually I don’t download new weapons, but being a fan of the show I think it’d be awesome to have a working in-game replica. :smiley:

Too dark.

Found Better picture:

Helping because I’d love to see more good revolver models in GMOD.

Awesome if someone made this gun.

FPS Banana Has a 1858 New Army revolver reskin for the Desert Eagle. You could always start with that.

If someone hexed this, I’d be content.

That’s already in one of the weapon packs.

Also what happened to the Robin Hood hat?

IS it? Where?

Right under your nose.


Yeah, but I don’t have space for the entire pack, that’s why I didn’t download it in the first place.

If you actually have so crappy HD that you can’t download few hundred megabytes.

Sucks to be you.

That could work well as the base, but the textures need to be edited so that it has the engravings and the “fear no evil” inscription. As a SWEP it should actually cause the target to have the orange lightning, etc.

Sorry, the Liscence on my copy of Maya ran out, I did get the latest version recentley, though so I’ll get to work on it soon.