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Today, we're releasing an update to the gunplay in Rust. The initial implementation of the weapons in Rust was done nearly 7 years ago and hasn't been significantly modified since it's inception. While these changes will be controversial, We believe these changes are necessary for the health of the game.

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< cry>
Facepunch has great arguments for recoil rework. The new system enables noobs, roleplayers, casual gamers to kill more experienced players pretty easily. The game needs new players, that is OKish. I will be glad if most of my friends will join me again because of the easier pvp but I must disagree with directional markers. Now if you hit anyone, they can easily spot you. They wont even have to think where the sound was coming from, they will just turn until they have centered the marker. Absolutely semi-silent pvp breaker feature.
This game has become a paradise for noobs in the past year or two who will play a few hundreds of hours and never again while veterans, OGs will stop playing because the skills they have developed for years will mean nothing in the new system.
Newbies will not spend 20-50 bucks monthly (for years) to buy new skins. They will buy some and never return after a period of time. That is my opinion. I am curious to see the financial changes in the upcoming months or rather years.

Oh yeah, and skins. Since I have started writing this comment, I will share my personal opinion about skins. Most of the new skins are trash in my opinion. Facepunch can see the numbers, they have decided to accept these kinds of skins instead of the old style ones. This makes more money for them, I am sure, but I think I am not the only one who wants different style skins, not these childish, colorful ones (in a freaking post-apocaliptic survival game…).
</ cry>

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Me and I assume many others have been wondering if there will be a choice for server admins to choose the recoil type in their server. Will this be an option? Looking through the update notes nothing is mentioned regarding this so assuming not but just wondering. I personally would love an addition like this and think many other veterans may as well. There in my opinion is no downside to this as players can choose a server based on their preference of recoil type. Just seeking information on this and wondering if it will possibly be added. Thanks. (Seeking a reply from dev team or players who know from reliable source)

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Hardcore clan on Rust : Steam Community :: Group :: OnRuShh Clan

Finally rust gets the combat update it needed! Thank you facepunch these arguments are the exact same thing I have been saying for years, and exactly why I quit rust awhile back. I am happy to say I am returning to rust today, you have effectively bought back an old rust player who has played since legacy and have hated the recoil patterns ever since they were introduced. This is a HUGE step in the right direction for rust, it should never be catered to sweaty tryhard kids who threaten to sell their skins because an update doesn’t suit their playstyle. I will be playing rust a lot more now since this update thank you facepunch team you are wonderful!

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Could we please get a option to turn off the hit punch sound? Idk about everyone else but I like to just hear the gun shooting me not extra noises that don’t help but only make a annoying sound. Thank you if you do !

Helk! Alistar! Garry, and the rest of the Rust development team!

YOU ALL ARE LEGENDS. This will give a much needed breath of fresh air to rust, and despite all the complaints, this is what needed to be done and the community will thank you in the long run.

Looking forward to years of growth and updates, thanks for all y’all do.

FOR ALL THE WHINERS, catch me outside mil tuns how 'bout dat?

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Where is the thumbs down button.

Can someone pls send me console command to remove new scope its looks like trash and takes up half the screen

Hello facepunch,

I like the new approach for recoil. The old system was much harder and also unrealistic. I think this new drift may approach us to a more realistic scenario and it opens the opportunity for new modular weapons to jump into action and fill the gap. Actually the extended magazine gadget is a great idea to start pushing the idea of building your own weapon which I found that isnt that easy to convince. Most will say the game will become too hard, but imagine we were responsible ,from a set of options, to choose which type of weapon we want.
I am sure if you have tought on this you had struggled alot.

I want to thank you all for this masterpiece.

Best regards,
Emmanuel Leston


I don’t like how they removed a lot of the old smaller monuments on hapis like outpost 83 and the cave with stranded caravan

Hello facepunch,

This upgrade isn’t ideal for current rust players, in my opinion. Yes, you’re all attempting to recruit new rust players, but in doing so, you’re alienating your most ardent supporters. Many people I know have decided to leave as a result of this upgrade. Aim one, 20 percent accuracy from 50 percent meters, and the new recoil are some of the drawbacks. It makes the game tedious and unsatisfying.
Also, is there any way to get a refund for the game?
… This is not the same game that I purchased.

Best Regards,


After this update, 6300 hours in this game, I no longer get any sort of adrenaline rush out of pvp which was the main reason I pvp’d. PvP is no longer fun. My friends are all taking long breaks from rust for the same reason until this problem is fixed and I am now joining them. This isn’t the recoil update you needed. I saw in the dev blog, no more 200m beaming by players with thousands of hours, no your right, now I am getting beamed with players with 200, oh and you guys also said it takes thousands of hours to learn recoil? No. It took me 400 hours to learn it and be able to spray 150m.
Which is the average time it takes for someone to get good at Tarkov, which is a game that takes a great amount of skill and still does well. It takes thousands of hours to perfect ak spray not thousands of hours to learn it. Another thing that amuses me is that you guys made this game to take time and not be a casual game that you can just hop on for 2 hours and do good so why would you assume that people that play this game and aren’t good at pvp just don’t want to take the time to learn the recoil. All my friends agree with all this. And it’s true not even an opinion. Oh and 1 more thing, it is literally impossible to tell how far enemie shooting comes from they all sound the same.

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Honestly…I couldn’t agree with you more. I have 5k hours and with this new combat update it has completely negated all of the time I have taken to learn this game and the firing mechanics. This literally turned the game into a numbers game because skill is really not even needed anymore. It is such a sad day…ALSO the new sounds suck ass.

And my buddy made a good point…Facepunch should have added these crap recoil patterns to the softcore servers

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Hello Facepunch, i really love your game and the new recoil update but, please please please we really don’t like the new gunsound please return the old sound for all the guns.
thanks :slight_smile: )

Hey guys loyal rust player here for 4 years or so now. I think the devs made a huge mistake with this gun update and it will gut rust at it’s core of what made the game the most fun and amazing experience to date in video games. The most fun thing about rust was the reward you got from making a play and immediately skipping from primative to late game. This was something that with practice you could achieve regularly and made the game a load of fun. The reason this was capable is because everyone walking around with a gun was not a one man army that can mow down any prim with ease. It took practice to hit your shots. Now as a prim i am up against it and have no choice to follow along the linear path to late game. Im an easy target to anyone with a gun. I think short term making the game more balanced towards those with low skill will probably bring a lot of new users but the game will get stale fast and die like every other shooter does in six months or a year. Those of us that have put years into this game are done. What was an amazing experience which was worth putting in the effort to master is now gone. Very sad day.

This is a good idea. No need to do away with the recoil as it was just add new mode and let the players choose

Hey Facepunch,

This gun update is a nice change to otherwise familiar combat roll with everyone involved. Unskilled new players have a smaller chance of survival and that can truly make or break the game. It sucks always getting demolished every 3 seconds and it seems like you are giving those who want to try the game and learn the game a fighting chance!

It’s nice to see you guys working hard to put a more even battlefield out there for all players. It’s not like most devs to continue support for a game that Isn’t more than 4 years old and still finding ways to keep us coming back for more.

OG haters are gonna hate and I get why. But when they read this, maybe they can imagine what it was like when they first spawned in on that beach or made their first base, or engaged in their first PVP and how they lost it and thought “damn, if only I would have had a split second gap”… you see what I’m saying!

Props to the team! updates are scary but once you stop, you lose your focus on the game and more importantly, the player base. I’m happy to see where this goes and what you guys have planned for the future

Best Regards,

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