The Combine acting badass while firing 2 SMGs

C&C please :]

how does he aim?

Bad asses don’t aim. Nice, but you should cock out his elbows a bit.

He has chameleon eyes :geno:
Thanks for that Rasti :buddy:

with his hands, obv.

Iz thaz you ? Nice use of the blurr, but i think that you overused some filters.

I kinda like the hand motion blur/recoil effect.


He looks unanimated.

This muzzleflashes are 100 times better than the last ones I saw from you, very nice man.

Shading is pretty cool and the required Glowing eyes look nice.

2 smgs? meh
try 2 MGs!

That means?


Also thanks guys :buddy:

Next, do a metro with 2 stun sticks, that’d be pretty cool. I like this a lot too :buddy:

posing looks pretty bad here, is that suppose to be you?

What is that big explosion looking thing in the backgound? Looks bad.

Thats a pretty nice idea actually!
Thanks :buddy:. Really have to try that.

That would be incredibly nerdy.
Its just a reference to my nickname.

Yeh its suposed to be an explosion. :frown:

It’s horrible!

No, it’s not, but, you always give me harsh critism, I honestly like it.

Everybody knows combine’s has a FOV of 360. But because of theyre sight its hard of them to destingish a person holding out a can for protection.

…What about a bottle?

Badass, I love his eyes.