The Combine: Last Defence

A nice ol’ video I made for my first ever FP post



Without quotes.

Welcome to Facepunch.

Well about the video, the video quality is pretty fine but you screwed up the sound quality by using your mic and well it’s a heck lot of npcs fighting nothing so I wouldn’t call it anything new or very special.
It’s overral okay video just don’t use mic as recorder and use music that fits better.

Also people like machinima, ingame filmed videos that actually have story, some humour and people have put alot effort on them.
For great example I’ll say War of the Servers:

I’m not telling you to make one hour forty minutes long video by own, you can do something with less effort and with small group or even alone.
Just make it have story and some humour(if needed) and put a bit more effort on it than you did on this.
If you’re making single joke/random clips video like idiots of garrysmod no story is needed ofc BUT you gotta have good humour or it wont success at all.

More of a builder tbh, I have had a few ideas that my freind was going to help in but it failed and also sorry about the mic recording but im using Realtech HD audio which screws the audio output option for audio recording up the wall but hey, if other people have ideas for machinima then ill happily help out, im just not that good at getting things done on my own, almost no motivation for me when things start to go wrong and I fail alone


I am disliking the forums way of showing youtube videos .__.


please can someone just tell me what to copy and paste please? I read the tutorial but its not helping…

You are supposed to put the actual word “media” in the brackets, not the name of the video.

Thanks you gratefully