The Combine mech destroys the mingebag's car.

Lazers look too cartoony, but overall I’m diggin’ this screenshot.

Haha nice! I love the ideas in your screenshots.

Cool idea and execution, everyting is good.

Laser is awesome,but that idea is kinda old.

I’m falling in love with this outbreak of Mingebags getting pwned pictures :smiley:

Oh god people are going to hate me for this but that’s a Grenade Launcher not a Laser Rifle or an EM Laser.

Good otherwise :smiley:

That picture makes me want to watch War of the Servers again.

It’s good to see some pictures with some creativity put into them, and not just MW2 models shooting randomly offscreen with good editing.

Love the picture.

I think that’s kind of the point, seeing there’s a mingebag in the picture…

Niiiice picture dude. Much much much better!