The combine soldier model has been rather shiney latley, why is that?

A few days ago i was having an npc war and i noticed something about the combine soldiers and elites. I thought,
“Hmm, something isn’t quite right with those combines… Wait, why do they look like they just polished their suits 8 times over?”

Well, if any of you guys have been playing gmod lately and if I’m not mentally insane, then you probably noticed that the combine soldier model HAS been rather shiny lately.

Not sure if this is just gmod or not, but why is that? Not that it looks bad, in fact I think its great, makes the model look much better, but i don’t recall an update with a change-log that said: Made the combine soldier shiny.

It’s a shader issue - wait for a bit and it will get fixed eventually.


That is if they are not too busy adding more hats to “hat fortress”. :colbert:

well, i don’t want it “fixed”. the model looks much better, and its really only with combine soldiers and elites.

It makes the elites look so bad-ass.

I think that had to do with Garry’s Mod it’self not Source Engine. Half-Life 2 was updated to run on the Orange Box engine, not L4D’s engine, which is what Garry has done. Don’t think the problems with Valve, but HL2 models not being compatible with L4D’s engine. Also I think I’m talking out of my ass. I really don’t know but I think what I said is right… so… don’t flame me… please

Garry did not moved to a different branch of a Source Engine. It’s been using the Orange Box engine since, whenever. The issue is also seen across other Valve games including CS:S (When using custom textures), DoD:S, TF2, and HL2DM.

Ya I have that problem too-except the soldiers are kinda glazed in white. Doesn’t seem to affect Cp though. Really weird… On my pc I didn’t have this problem but after I started using Mac it popped up. I think it’s because of my shaded settings; if they are set to low they don’t seem to have the problem.

so dudes covered in vaseline are bad-ass?

Last update fixed it :smiley: