The combine sure knows how to party!

18 hours later

Lol it looks like the one on the far left saw you and is like “Oh shit”

The NPCs be everywhere…

This looks cool, good job.

No effort, you just spawned a bunch of combine and the disco ball and took a pic.

Come back when you actually try k.

This probably wasn’t meant to be serious.

Sure, they’re NPC’s, but I got a chuckle.

Come back when you’ve stuck your ego back into your ass.

I like it, proves how all you need is a good angle and capture to make something simple look good.

First time I’ve seen NPCs and a SWEP done right when posing. :golfclap:

lets see

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join year is 2010

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lol youre dumb. high postcount doesnt mean hes a troll, aswell as join date… i joined in 2010, i have a low postcount… doesnt mean im a troll… not everyone that joins the current year is a troll…

in his defence, high postcount and a recent join date usually indicates a shitposter. you know, someone who posts in every goddamn thread just to get their postcount up, because apparently the size of your postcount is directly proportional to the size of your dick.

Needs more bloom and lens flare and motion blur

This is the screenshots and movies section, not a ragdoll poses and movies section. NPCs or not, I like this picture. :smile:


I wish more people would get this.
you could make a plain screenshot of gm_flatgrass and post it here. absolutely no one would like it, but it would still belong in the screenshots and movies section.

They’re still on it, even after 18 hours of hard partying!

5 minutes killing the npcs with the dear sister swep, oh lord this is absolute pure shit it’s real garbage§!§!§1

Great pic OP.

That’s cuz back in 07 or 08 we had seperate sections, ragdoll poses, constructions and one more I don’t remember.
And alot of people refused to accept it when they merged them all together, and I guess they still don’t want to…

ontopic: Second pic is best, but yeah nice pic. Lovely lights and stuff. Deserves palette.


lol at the first glance it looked like a irl pic of a puddle in the mud or something… :v: