The Combine Survival Games


In this alternate timeline the Combine Forces crushed the Resistance during the events that took place in the Half-Life 2 series.

To solidify their control over the remaining human population, the Advisors established the Combine Survival Games after their decisive victory against the Resistance. Humans with approved Anticitizen status are sent to an arena weekly nearest to their city in groups of twenty-four and are forced to fight against one another.

The main event sees twenty-four citizens with approved Anticitizen status survive in an arena for as long as possible. The arena is dotted with loot containers that participants can break open in the hopes of getting something they need. The event ends when there is only one Anticitizen left alive.

Technical Details

Release version -


Click HERE to join the server (

Constructive criticism is very welcomed as I’d love to improve the gamemode. I have a pretty long list of features already planned, but they weren’t essential for the basic version of the gamemode (stamina bar, sound + visual effects, dead players can come back alive as zombies if the combine send them against surviving Anticitizens during the endgame stage, waiting lobby will have a working harpoon throwing range, bhopping platforms and a climb area to pass the few minutes between rounds, etc).

There will probably be some bugs.


Looks sick, if you haven’t already you should work on making combat prolonged. How fun is it if everyone is killed instantly like most game modes.

Always good to see new gamemodes coming out that are not renamed DarkRP edits.
To bad the server browser kills any hope of people finding these sorts of gamemodes, doesn’t help that certain big named servers are still A2S_INFO spoofing.

I know that one server/community is very big into it still despite having its old servers blacklisted but what other communities do it? I mean, apart from the aforementioned server i don’t really see that many high profile servers out there…

Thanks :slight_smile:
What would you suggest?

Maybe perhaps, allow respawning for 60 seconds at the beginning, and people can get points by killing each other. After 60 seconds, respawning is turned off.

You know, this gamemode is actually worth playing already from looking at it. Not gonna lie, I saw The Hunt which enforced that you act stealthily to avoid being killed and to kill the enemies on any map you desired. This gamemode only plays on one huge map and you have to fight off waves of enemies going to the base which is a lot different but I honestly like it.

I must definitely give this gamemode a try before I properly review it, I hope it gets big but as what was mentioned, DarkRP and TTT pretty much kill the server browser as it is so I guess the only thing that can be done is hope. I see this gamemode having a lot of potential.

Thanks man. I have been having trouble playtesting with more than 5 or 6 people, but I guess as with all new gamemodes/servers it takes time to grow a player base.

I am not too sure about this idea. If a player gets their hands on a rare item, such as a weapon why would they bother wasting precious bullets in the first 60 seconds if it means everyone gets to respawn anyway. A good remedy might be to give players some armour, which I have done in the most recent update. But thanks for the suggestion anyway :slight_smile:


I will no longer be hosting any official servers of this gamemode and instead have decided to release the source code: