The Combine way of doing shit

edited by enhanced_ai, like you give a fuck

I love it

Too much space taken up on the left. Needs to be emptier so Combine can use it as his wallpaper.

Why are you making fun of everyone but me :frowning:

Too difficult. Your pictures aren’t bad and nor are they really stylistically defined by one poor or overblown feature.

You can always do me

Mass Effect models with glow

Glow everywhere

His edits are way more clear and sharp than that.

noofa is right. Looks like you applied some dumb filter to it, even though I’m pretty sure Combine doesn’t do that.

A bridge too far.

Good job man, i think it’s a little blurry though.

Good job on still being alive as well. :slight_smile:

this image was designed to the EXACT specifications of The Combine’s last seen image

we are sorry for any inaccuracies but we are afraid this is as close as we can get to his style without the image sucking cock

I feel special

Make the posing more nooby and its accurate

It lacks zombies thus its not the way of The Combine.

Your posing is good, broski.

^ The only poblem with his posing is that he always displays zoey with a broken spine(well fairly the two last pictures that have zoey showing her body).

Stylistic Qualities of “The Combine”

  • Must contain Zoey. Extra points for retarded faceposing, looking anywhere but where she should, or a broken spine.
  • Must contain L4D shit. No Exceptions.
  • If Zoey is not alone in the image, must contain ATLEAST Ellis. Ellis must look dumbfounded in some way, and must also be looking in a random direction.
  • Other characters may be present, normally infected. If any other members of the cast appear, appropriate changes are made to fit them in.
  • If Louis is within the image, he MUST being doing something stupid. No exceptions.
  • No matter what, there’s a disco somewhere, because you must have atleast FOUR different lamps providing light, and each must be a seperate colour.

Do me

No do me.

Make fun of my dark images.

teach me how to edit like you and I’ll do it twice

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do me

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oh wait we’re talking about pictures nevermind

No were talking about sticking it in our anus’s.