"The Combine Wins (Ep3)"

This is what I think would happen in Episode 3 if the combine went badass.

Tell me what you think; Constructive criticism etc.
EDIT: Another photo

I was expecting a pose with combine standing over dead rebel scum with flying dropships in background.

I came to the thread.

I see shitty parody of MW2 end scene.

Hey, it’s a first. (Constructive) Criticism is always welcome.
Have a better fitting name for a title?

“C0mbin3 0wns a r3bel mw2 ending scene screnshot pr0 b4rbarkla;f”

For some reason I am now tempted to make the scene you first described.

You already did.

This is awesome, I love the blood and especially the bloom.

Atleast SOMEONE appreciates my work :stuck_out_tongue: thanks

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Oh god I ballsed up my comments.

I wonder if sarcasm


if these are your first poses, it’s ok.

They are my first poses. Thanks

Now if only you made the map, And if only that map was good.

Try not to post your first stuff here,ask your friends and see what they think of it.When your posing skill comes to a decent level,then post it here.Its better then having your thread turned into a flame thread.

Lay off the bloom,it does the opposite of what you think it should do.

these are actually good, its just the usage of strider npcs in the background and the poor camera angles that sort of drive away the qualities of the pics

That’s so silly.

Unless you have the most understanding friends in the world, you’re going to be made fun of. Showing them is so useless when there’s already an entire community dedicated for it.

I kinda like it, but you can improve much.

And oh, i almost forgot, DO NOT USE NPC’S IN POSES.

In the last picture, it looks like he has Cerebral Palsy.

Could be better.

WAAAAY more better.

I thought this was a NPC until I noticed its right hand.