The combines teleporter reserch lead to something more than teleportation.

Viola! a half hours work of model posing, camera placing, bloom, colour mod, and all sorts of in game crap!

WWII now has a third side!

It seems pretty dark.

For all in-game editing, I’m impressed! The American soldier’s elbow is a bit too high, considering he isn’t holding the rifle like that. But other than that, nice, original idea.

Sad to see this only got two posts, maybe it’s not the best picture, but MAN, originality has to count for something…

I love the idea, like the picture…

That would be epic. Like if that really did happen and we still won or they allied us or something. :razz:

Thanks for the positive comments guys! :smiley:

Nice idea, good execution.

However, looks like you need to turn up your settings if only for the picture taking.