The Coming of the Horde


The picture looks alright, posing could use some work though. Looks a bit stiff and unrealistic.

Looks awesome!

Hot sauce.


Are they all supposed to be wearing the same clothes?

Could use some better lighting, but that’s my only complaint.

The cumming of the horde.


Hunter looks like awesomesauce

But for real. NO TANK?

The posing is very good, you do get a sense of “oh shi-” dunno if it’s stiff (they’re zombies) but my only criticism is that the hunter looks a bit too generic (possibly)

Really nice posing, but there is something that bugs me about the picture, I feel the lighting is kinda dull or something.

That hunter is sexy.

don’t use this hosting

Yes, my lord

Looks good, though in my opinion you could have eased in a tad more.