The Commander Princess

I, as an intergalactic private military contracter, have apparently been taken prisoner aboard the Faragut where I have been brought to speak with The Commander Princess. As her name implies; she is both the heir to her family’s kingdom and commander of the ship.

Fuck sakes my internet is slow. Damn rainy weather,

*Weather :smug:
Nah, great shit as always.

Quiet you, tired.

Awesome lighting.

The first one’s cool.

“Now, what happened to the plans they sent you?”

omg ben you polluted their sterile air how could you

“my eyes are up here, buddy”

I may or may not have forgotten my suit on my ship.

Thanks everyone.

By the way, the dude with the tray is supposed to be carrying ‘my’ confiscated guns. If you didn’t catch that.

cool lighting, although generic

Nothing new there. :slight_smile: