The Community Decides-(Mapping game experiment)

-Okay, First off, if you don’t read all of this and it becomes apparent later on, I’m not counting your votes.

This is a game and an experiment I’m doing, for myself mostly, but you all get to play along… which is why the “Community decides” bit is in the title. I’m going to present you all with various options, most being quite basic changes to the map, or basic additions such as a texture style for one area, the addition of rocks to another fairly large area. Usually the simpler the addition the more area it will/can cover. Like if I gave you the options of either adding rocks to the mountain you just made, or building a house, the rocks would cover the most area, and because they are simpler, be much faster and easier for me to do, causing us to go on with the next series of choices much faster.
The previous choices may or may not be added in the next series, and I ay have added something you didn’t vote for, even if I already added the thing you did. If I do, it will be a small addition, or possibly a correction of a bug caused by one of the previous chioces.
There will be pictures (and when someone shows me how to make a facepunch page that is only accessible through links I can add an archive of pictures from the past) that will be updated right on the front page, with small samples on the current page as well. The pictures will include a “current” section, and a “progress” section showing how far we’ve come, or how far we haven’t. The choice we’re deciding on will be here as well as on the current page. Also, keep in mind, some of the things I’m doing here, I’m doing as I go along, feel free to provide tips, but DON’T patronize me, as I do know my way around hammer, and can optimize(as I assume when people read that they would post "You shoul optimize as you go along: here’s how *********ect.).

I hope it’s fun, and with it being a game I probably won’t decide to quit halfway through, hehe.


Voting Form: The Number of the question and the letter of your answer, strung together like this -, with spaces in between votes. Say you have two questions:


Would result in a possible answer of 1-a 2-a.

Change: You an always mend a previous addition with another one if given the options. Don’t really worry about missing a chance to make something that you wanted because it narrowly missed most votes. And you can request later additions to be added to a later series of questions.





Current Choices: VOTING has ended for now!

a-Add another island.*
b-Add two “half-ring” islands on the sides of this one to form a shape similiar to (o).
c-Improve this island.*

a- Add another island(if chosen with Q. 1-a, will add one in addition to that one, so two total will be added).
b- Add a sunken road (destroyed) with a small building near it (will take longer than other additions).
c- Add a concrete structure in the middle of the ocean (Artificial island, in ways).

*Optional choices, must be input only if designated answer was supplied

1(only choose if you chose “A” on Q. one):
a-Make this island wider than the first.
b-Make this island taller (and rockier).
c-Add a fairly deep pit in the middle of this one.(specify if you want rock or concrete sides)

2(Only choose if you chose “C” on Q. one):
a-Add autumn foliage (orange leaves to the trees, leafier shrubs, fallen leaves).
b-Add a shanty lookout tower and dock.
c-Add an entrance to an underground structure.[/sp]

Now go out and vote… :hurr:


Sir, that would be in a later question. Though I was going to add it. No worries.
Again, your suggestions are great because you guys are deciding. I’m not voting.

I’ll wait for two votes that are the same.
They don’t have to have both of your answers just like, there need to be at least another one for each of those.


Nice and quick. Hammer is opening now. Voting is over for now.


I would love to see an island map at dusk. I think you have 2 similar votes now.

as I said earlier, I’m learning while doing this as well. This is an experiment to get me to try new things in hammer… And I’ve hit a bump, or I forsee a bump. Underwater, what would you put on the outer edges to make it look like the water goes on forever? Would you just put skybox and make the 3d skybox water just as deep as your water (but times sixteen smaller) so that the player can see under the skybox water? Would that even work? Right now the ocean is surrounded by a conrete wall.

Isn’t that a factor you could experiment with meanwhile? I would also like to know how you do, as this is a major factor in something I’m making too.

Also you cad have a vote, perhaps people want it surrounded by impassable mountains…

I know, I was going to have a vote, but If people vote that they want a 3d skbox consisting of endless ocean, a high possability, I’d like to know how to get underwater straight. And yes, I will be experimenting with it, but I was wondering if someone could provide the easy answer. :downs:


I know I messed up the sky on accident, I’m fixing it as we speak, well I would be if hammer wanted to open again, but it decided it’s angry, might have to reboot.
Here’s a screeny, also one up there.

**Current Choices: **

a- Add some more vegetation to the island.
b- Make the island taller and harder to get to from the water (also adds more rocks).
c- Add a small man-made shanty shack and dock.

a- Add another island.
b- Make this island wider.
c- Add a tall stone or concrete spire in the middle of this island.

Now lemme get some more questions up… I’ll post them here to.

Also, fix the skaybox
try using one from fpsbanana



and the dusk is nice… I like how this is going…

WARNING! disaster has struck… I rebooted my computer to get SDK up again, but now my computer (DAMN vista!) won’t start up again… I asked for help in tech support. Continue to vote, I’ll see what I can do.


This is from my mah’ computer, and I can’t use it to map…

a few skybox textures you might wanna try

I love those, but I’m unsure as to how I’d include them in the map if it’s released, and I hope it is.

The poison one is particularly cool.

Yeah, but it looks like the amethyst one fits your colour scheme better

OH, much better, but it’s boring. I meant if I had to pick one for any maps that I’d like it’d be the poison one. Computer is dead I think… It turns on, but the screen doesn’t turn on and the keyboard lights flicker then go out… That and when I press power for the monitor it comes on only to say “no signal” then turn back off… and you know how to turn off computers you can hold the power button and wait a couple seconds? Well, if I press power it instantly turns off now…I have no idea why vista hates me so…

Quoted for truth.

I just tested out the poison one… its really low res :\

okay the tally is: 2 for 2-b 2 for 2-a and 3 for 1-c.

Voting will end when someone breaks the Question 2 tie.


s’okay I’m going to stick with the default skyboxes for now.


Damnit I want to map this really bad right now… I wish my computer worked… Not even sure why it quit on me.